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Author Archive for Marc Stutter

Linking Communities with Environmental Data

Automated environmental data allows us to better understand and manage risks

Stream-bank Buffer Strips Provide Multiple Benefits

What are buffer strips and how can they help?

Managing Rural Septic Tanks

What’s the issue?

Natural Flood Management

The Natural Flood Management Approach Natural flood management can be described as: “a suite of techniques that aim to work with natural, hydrological and morphological processes to manage the sources and pathways of flood waters. At the same time natural flood management can improve the quality of our natural and urban environments and provide many […]

Flooding: Issues, Impacts, Drivers and Policy

The Issue Flooding is a naturally occurring process which cannot be prevented.

Managing Catchments and Coasts at the James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute’s Managing Catchments and Coasts Theme integrates expertise in soil, biogeochemical, hydrological, ecological sciences and socio-economics to manage the potentially conflicting demands for services across multiple spatial scales. 2011 saw the beginning of the Managing Catchments and Coasts research theme at the James Hutton Institute. This theme, building on the previous interdisciplinary […]

iDee gives you the chance to be a river observer

UK Environmental Virtual Observatory pilot study

Tell me about the changing river channel

  Q. “Has the course of the river changed much over time?”

Tell me about flooding

Q. “How might I be better informed to make decisions about when to take action during flooding?”