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iDee gives you the chance to be a river observer

The iDee project aims to directly involve people and communities in the River Dee catchment in environmental observing and recording.

iDee is a Dee Catchment Partnership project, led by the James Hutton Institute and jointly funded by SNH and James Hutton Institute.

Visit the River Dee Crowd Sourcing website from here.

The website allows you to have a say in how you judge the quality of the streams and rivers you live near, pass on your way to work or the shops and want to have a say about the condition of.

So what is Crowd Sourcing?

Crowd sourcing is a new way for us, as researchers, to fill in missing gaps in what we can observe about the environment with data from the public. It has been hugely successful with initiatives such as the garden bird spotting programmes and helps observers learn about the environment they are observing, what leads to changes in what they see and

Anyone interested can start observing and recording today

Using the iDee website you can submit your own records of river conditions in the Dee catchment in the form of a geo-referenced photograph of the river together with simple assessments of water clarity, flow speed and algae cover.

You can view records submitted by other people to see how conditions in the catchment change over time.Please note that new records need to be approved before becoming available to view.

As we develop the system there will opportunities to become involved in specific projects, for which you will need to register to gain specialist access. Watch out for us advertising for larger coordinated campaigns of observations later in the year through the Dee Catchment Partnership.

For more information contact: Susan Cooksley


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